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Hiring: Salesforce Developer

What We Do Scrive is the Nordic market-leading provider of electronic signatures. When people buy a phone and sign their contract on a tablet or a smartphone, that’s us. We currently handle more than 150,000 documents per month for 600+ business customers in 21 countries, and we’ve tripled our revenue in the past year! If you want to conquer the world and defeat the old, slow giants of enterprise software, we’d love to meet you. Scrive creates a lot of interesting data,

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Scrive in Salesforce = Lightning Ready

Our Salesforce package is up for a new update, and this time we have been working on making the package Lightning ready plus adding two new features. - Lightning Ready The Scrive package has been redesigned to match the Lighting user experience. The following processes are now Lightning Ready: - Scrive Configuration - Configuration of Users + Administration of the Package - Scrive Document - Creation & View layout - Scrive Process Template - Creation & View layout. - Configure a Scrive Document via URL parameters To

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November update

We have a big release coming up this Saturday, and there is a lot to talk about. If you're short on time, here is a tl;dr summary: API Version 2 release with new documentation API Version 1 will be supported until the end of 2017. Two new sizes of checkboxes and new design Checkboxes will be updated with two new sizes and a new design. Highlighting of document during signing and new top bar For in-person signing, there will now be a highlighting pen available

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Release Notes - Salesforce Update, September 2016

On Monday the 26th of September we are back with an update for our powerful Salesforce application, with new features and functionality. Besides this update, we have the rest of the year planned with even more releases, to provide the most comprehensive eSign experience available on the Salesforce platform. Update for Scrive Process Templates - Link to Configure an Object page Configure an Object page can be now easily accessed by clicking “Configure an Object” button in the Scrive Configuration tab. - Send with one click

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Salesforce Update

Today we updated our Salesforce application in the AppExchange. This update contains a lot of squashing of some nasty bugs that we came across during our latest test. Changelog: Various small bugs Configuration of an object Process template optimizations Salesforce1 fixes Introduced an advanced admin guide (under details in AppExchange) New custom field for administrators We are also introducing a new custom field “Scrive Administrator” in order to extend Admin access to the Scrive Configuration Panel. If you already have our package installed, you should be

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Release "Italy 17"

Improved user experience for signing with Swedish BankID on mobile We have made a significant change on how we handle the signing process on mobile with BankID. Previous when a customer signs a document using BankID on mobile, they are taken to the Swedish BankID application to sign the document. After signing the user had to go back to the signing page to finalising the signing. This, unfortunately, caused some confusion because it wasn’t apparent that you had to go back to sign the document.

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Release Germany 16 - "the ZOOM release"

Hey! We are - back at it again - with a production upgrade. This time, we named the sprint after the great country of Germany. As we all know, Germans love Swedish culture and our elk signs. More so, Germans also happened to like Swedish technology and Scrive. We have a number of German clients using our platform to empower their businesses in their day-to-day operations. To celebrate this friendship, we have some big news for this release. - Zooming the document Today we are introducing

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Scrive upgrade - Spain 15

Hi! This Saturday we did an upgrade of the Scrive platform. This release we named after the beautiful country Spain. In Spain, we have several customers using our platform to serve customers across the country for various use cases. Before you read what the latest release includes I want to remind you of our Idea Portal. That is the place where anyone can submit and vote for new ideas that you would like to see added to Scrive. Since our release of the portal in September

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