Scrive upgrade - Spain 15


This Saturday we did an upgrade of the Scrive platform.

This release we named after the beautiful country Spain. In Spain, we have several customers using our platform to serve customers across the country for various use cases.

Before you read what the latest release includes I want to remind you of our Idea Portal. That is the place where anyone can submit and vote for new ideas that you would like to see added to Scrive. Since our release of the portal in September last year, we have shipped 12 ideas.

- Option to reject document without a reason

It is now possible to set up a workflow so that the signer may dismiss the document without having to write an essay about it.
This is valuable for anyone that may want to handle the reasons on their own inside their app or just want a smoother workflow.

To remove the reason for reject you set that under the signing page settings.

- Add event for mandatory checkbox on the verification page

We added an event on the verification page for when the mandatory checkbox has been checked.

Upcoming features

Here are some new things we are working on right now.

  • Close documents in the background when signing with Swedish BankID
  • Improved zooming of documents on small screen devices
  • New and improved API documentation for our upcoming release of our new API (v2). (API version 1 will be supported for a foreseeable future)
  • Public roadmap

We are back on the 28th of May for our next upgrade.

Let me know if you have any input or want to share your experience using Scrive.