Release 2015 08 22

Main features

  • Authenticate to view
  • Authenticate to view with Swedish BankID

Authenticate to view

The signing party will be asked (forced) to authenticate themselves before they can see the document they are about to sign.

This is useful if you have sensitive information in the document that you want to, or are forced by law to, protect from unauthorized persons.

Authenticate to view with Swedish BankID

Swedish BankID can be used as an authentication method with the “authenticate to view” feature.

When you set up a process you can select Swedish BankID as the method to authenticate to view the document.

The recipient will not see a preview of the document as is the case when no authentication to view is set.

Here you need to authenticate with Swedish BankID to see the document.


The author needs to provide the personal number if authentication to view with Swedish BankID is selected.

The view to authenticate is responsive (works well on devices with different screen sizes).

As soon as you have authenticated it works like a log in session. If you exit the document and open it again in another browser or on another device, you will need to authenticate again.

Only documents that can be signed will ask for authentication. If the document is signed already you can see the document without authentication.

Authentication to view can only be set for signing parties, not for viewers.

Two new events in the evidence log is added. We now track when someone enters the view to authenticate and when an authentication to view is done.

Minor fixes
  • Last fixes to authenticate first in design view
  • Frontend for identify first in design view
  • Frontend document extended with AuthenticationToView and current Authentication renamed to AuthenticationToSign
  • Backend for SignatoryLink authentication to view
  • Renamed Authentication method to Authentication to AuthenticationToSign + subtypes and functions refactoring
  • EID authentication table
  • Swedish BankID auth request - without migration

That's all for today!

Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions.