Scrive Spring Release 2018

Easter has passed and spring is upon us and with that comes a spring release full of new features.

Two-factor authentication

In this release we added the possibility to turn on Two Factor Authentication to increase the security of your account.


How it works:

  • Download the "Google Authenticator" app to your iOS or Android Device.

  • Log in to your Scrive account on your computer

  • Go in under "Account Settings"

  • Click on "Set up" Two-factor authentication

  • Click on the "+" sign in the app and then "Scan barcode"

  • Scan the QR code on your screen and then enter the code displayed in your phone to activate

  • Done!

With this feature turned on, you will be asked to enter your two-factor code every time you log in to your Scrive account.

You can inactivate this setting at any time by logging in to your account again and clicking "disable".

eID Logos on Verification pages

To make it easier for anyone revewing a document signed using eID we added the logo to any party signing with eID.


This logo is always shown if a party has signed using any of the eID solutions we have integrated on our platform.

Unshare templates

A long overdue feature has finally been released. You can now "unshare" templates previously shared to the resto f the company.


That is all for this release.

We will be back with another release soon with these features as highlight:

  • Sign with Danish NemID
  • GDPR Consent Module in sign view
  • Approving Party

All the best